At Rad Rocks Climbing we do not cut corners for sustainability. We implement numerous practices to reduce our environmental impact such as:


  • Our bags and buckets are sewn from upcycled fabrics from the scrap bins of fabric stores, or from previously used materials. Whatever we cannot source upcycled, we use cotton based fabrics that decompose back into mama earth. 
  • Any small scraps of leftover fabric are shipped off to a fabric recycler to be turned into new fabric. (Closed loop baby!)


  • Our coozies are crocheted with recycled cotton yarn, and the coozie insides are made from freebie coozies leftover from events and promotions. We take those coozies that people hand out (that usually end up being thrown out...) at events and give them a new life. 


  • All of our tags are printed with plant based dyes on recycled paper. They are attached to the bags using hemp, a plant based string, rather than plastic.


  • Shipping supplies are are previously used (sorry that they are sometimes UGLY!) but here at the Rad Factory we refuse to create any new shipping supplies. We partner with local businesses to reuse their boxes, envelopes, stuffing and more. We are proud to not create any shipping waste. 


  • 10% of all profits are donated to organizations dedicated to protecting our planet such as The Access Fund and POW. We are always looking to help partner with sustainability non profits to promote environmental advocacy. Looking to have Rad Rocks be a part of your environmental efforts? Email