About Us

Rad Rocks Climbing started in 2019 when founder Courtney Hinrichs (Kenny) combined her passion for art with her love for rock climbing.

The vision of Rad Rocks is handmade, unique, and sustainable rock climbing gear suitable for your next climbing adventure. All of our bags and buckets are sustainably made by using upcycled fabrics from the scrap bins of fabric suppliers, or from upcycled materials. We also ship using NO new supplies/materials, reducing our packaging waste to nearly zero. On top of that, we donate a portion of our profits to environmental advocacy organizations. We like to think that our products help save the planet we love to climb on.

Because of our sustainable practices, all of our bags are made in small batches, by hand. When you purchase a Rad Rocks Climbing product you are supporting small businesses, built on stoke and love for our planet. We are very grateful for your support.

Since all products are made in-house, we do all repairs and warranties directly. This means any tear, snag, hole or rip will be addressed by Courtney. If you have ANY issues with your purchases please email info@radrocksclimbing.com or shoot us a message on Instagram @radrocksclimbing and founder Courtney Hinrichs will repair them for you. 

"Thank you for supporting my little passion project! I have no idea where this will go but I am very thankful to my climbing community for giving me the support needed to keep Rad Rocks going. Stay Rad!"
-Courtney Hinrichs
Founder of Rad Rocks Climbing