Story of Rad Rocks

I grew up in New Hampshire, land of cold winters and beautiful lakes. For college I attended business school at Arizona State University. While living in the desert I began to become curious about rock climbing when I noticed its popularity in the valley. One session at the Phoenix Rock Gym and I was hooked. 

3.5 years later I graduated from business school and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado to be closer to the outdoor recreation. At this time I was struggling to find work in a small town with a Marketing Degree and little professional experience. I started crafting and crocheting out of passion for art and soon started playing around with the idea of creating something I can use, like a chalk bag. After a great deal of trial and error and product testing the first chalk bag was born. 

Sewn by hand, crooked patch, all around questionable quality: the first Acadia Bag was born (pictured below in Rifle, CO on Feline, 11.b). After I started climbing with this bag friends would see the bag and inquire about getting their own. I was blown away at how stoked climbers were to have a local product made by hand for their chalk bag. After more trial and error I started selling more and more until I had enough money to buy a legit sewing machine, make up this neat little site, and be able to deliver a more professional product. 

That was a little over 3 months ago and I could not be more stoked to see where Rad Rocks goes. As a one man show I appreciate everyone's patience and love for my products.

Stay rad my friends!


Courtney Kenny 

Founder of Rad Rocks Climbing

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